In the polyclinics, MCH works with "conventioned" and "non-conventioned" specialists. A conventioned specialist respects has to charge the official rates set by the government. 

For a consultation or examination with a non-conventioned specialist, the following additional fees will be charged.

Consultation in the polyclinic: EUR 12,5

Radiography examination: EUR 11, EUR 13 or EUR 16, depending on the type of examination. 

The materials used are charged at cost. More information can be obtained at the nursing departement. 

Following fees will be charged after a dietetics consultation:

First consultation: 55 EUR

Second consultation: 35 EUR

Follow-up: 25 EUR


General conditions:

1. All our invoices are payable to MCH, without a discount, within 1 month after the date of consignment and preferable by a structured communication.
2. In case of non or non-timely payment of the invoice on the due date, a collection cost of 15% with a minimum of Ä 50 will be processed, without notice of default and legally on the amount due. On the increased amount, interests will be claimed in the amount of 1% per month.
3. The debtor is also obliged to the payment of all collection costs - both extrajudicial and judicial - which the recovery of the overdue invoice will give cause to. The extrajudicial collection costs shall be fixed on the amount of 15 EUR. Failure to settle the outstanding invoices will force us to place the file in the hands of a specialised third-party, who will be responsible for further recovery of the outstanding amount.
4. MCH reserves the right to charge possible additional costs.